Customer Care

Irrespective of whether a customer buys Pay As You Go repair services on a needs-must basis, or chooses a contracted relationship for Repair & Maintenance Services or full-scope Fleet Management Outsourcing, we understand the importance of Customer Care. Our approach to customer care focuses on three core aspects.

Technician team

Both in-workshop, and across our Mobile 24/7 team. Trust this team 0f 580 fully trained technicians to care for your fleet of commercial vehicles, using the combined experience and insight of each workshop’s team to keep your fleet operating 24/7/365.

Service centre team

With a constant focus on event and incident management, the customer service team at our Customer Service Centre will handle every call you make with efficiency and care. Whether your fleet drivers need immediate help at the roadside, an update on progress of work-in-progress, or a prompt reminder for planned maintenance or testing, our staff will move things along politely and punctually.

Account Management team

Assigned to manage day-to-day activities with key clients. Where our engagement is multi-faceted, spread nationally, drives scale and complexity, we will deploy a designated Account Manager to act as your single point of contact. Their role is to co-ordinate the cross-functional requirements, to deliver operational, service and financial obligations encompassed in our commitments.

As you would expect, our Account Management team gather, interpret and leverage information associated with the fleet requirements of your business and guide you through opportunities to drive value into your business, remove waste and exploit industry innovation.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality of automotive service to our customers, through fair and understanding interactions.