Scheduled Event Management

Planned maintenance is your best line of defence when it comes to keeping your fleet on the road. Knowing in advance when vehicles will be off-road and for how long helps you plan your workload effectively. With regular, professional maintenance your overall in garage time is reduced, so we’ve made sure our scheduled event management process is clear and robust.

We create a full year’s schedule covering all your planned maintenance appointments, MOT tests and more. Once we have the schedule we’ll communicate it to our workshops, your operators, designated account managers and anyone else you ask us to keep informed.

Even better, operators and fleet managers receive reminder alerts both two weeks and one week before your scheduled appointments.

To keep things simple and cost-effective we can also service your ancillary equipment at the same time as your road fleet.

We understand that keeping on top of your vehicle documentation is just as big a job as keeping your fleet on the road, so included with our scheduled event management program is our document maintenance service. The service includes but is not limited to;

  • Ancillary equipment check sheets
  • Calibration certificates
  • Defect reports
  • DVSA compliant inspection sheets
  • Job sheets
  • MOT documentation
  • Rectification details
  • Service records

To keep your mind at rest all records and schedules are accessible 24/7 via our secure, cloud based web portal.