DVSA Compliance

We’re proud to use industry leading R2C Fleet Management software. Why?

Not only are R2C working with the DVSA to achieve earned recognition status for its users, their platform offers our clients real time access to all compliance documents via our cloud based, web portal. Simply log in, anytime, anywhere and you can access all your documentation, in the most up to date versions.

Using the portal, our contact centre team make sure all your compliance events are scheduled and then completed and that all your compliance documentation is up to date.

Drivers Pre-Use checks – app based solution

What’s more Sentinel Fleet Management customers can benefit from the R2C “driver” app. Available online or via an app accessible on Android and IOS smart phones, this ingenious solution automates driver daily pre-use checks, eliminating paper based checks completely.

The app guides drivers through the daily walk around checks; the first-use inspections and all routine safety inspections. Notifying operators to complete these regularly and thoroughly will deliver compliance and safety as well reducing paperwork.

Drivers simply work through the checks on their mobile device and the data is sent directly to the management system. The automated system alerts the relevant stakeholder where defects are found or even if the checks are not completed.

The defect continues to be processed through the R2C software with either a repair request made or notification made for the next scheduled maintenance. All data is stored from start to finish so everything is traceable according to the vehicle and operator.

Driver pre use checks made simple, speedy and easy to trace!